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With all of our services, we don’t use any paint or body fillers (hence the name paintless dent repair!). Our custom-designed tools can gain access behind the damaged area and gently massage the metal back to its original state. We don’t work on your car unless we think we can preserve and enhance the value of your car.

Don’t go with another shop just because they are “cheaper”. Often times, you will be paying less but having an inexperienced technician working on your car, which will cost you a lot more in the long run. We promise your vehicle will be in good hands with PCH Dent Repair San Deigo.

Paintless Dent Repair is the technique of taking out large and small dents from any car’s body. This could be from a bend hood all the way to minor doordings or hail damage. Most damage can be repaired using paintless dent repair as long as the color surface is still intact. PDR can be utilized on both steel and aluminum panels. The most common practical utilization for paintless dent repair San Diego would be to fix door dings, large dents, minor creases and hail damage. ​Limiting factors for an effective repair using PDR consist of type of paint and color (most of the present-day refined automotive paint finishes allow efficient PDR) and the level to which the metal is stretched. This is determined by the metal’s thickness, the flatness or curvature where the damage occurred & the level of the effect. In general, the shallower the dent, the higher the chance that paintless dent repair will be optimal. Even dents a couple of centimeters in diameter can be fixed by this process as long as the paint & metal aren’t stretched or scratched. Most experienced specialists can fix a shallow big crease or dent to an almost flawless level.

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We have all been there, that runaway food cart in the neighborhood shopping parking lot, a chip on the hood from freeway trash or the loose balls your neighbor’s kid could not reach in time. Do you have a dent or ding on your car from a little collision? Paintless dent repair San Diego is an affordable, and effective choice to remove these dents from your pride and joy. PCH Dent Repair specializes in the procedure of correcting dents where the metal is not overly stretched or scratched. This procedure is significantly faster compared to other avenues. It is usually used for hail damage repair, dings, minor dents, certain plastic bumper repairs and paintless dent removal motorcycle tank. Using PDR, our seasoned technicians will use methods to merge the damaged area and complement the consistency of the vehicle’s existing paint. In case you’re searching for an alternative collision repair remedy that will save you time and money – paintless dent repair San Diego should be the choice for you. Give us a call now to determine exactly how we can restore your automobiles appearance and value! If you would like us to provide you with a door ding repair cost contact us today for your no obligation free quote.

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Why pick us? PCH Dent Repair has more than ten years of practical experience in repairing over millions of dents, and our abilities are handed down with great care from a family owned and run business.

Our solutions include paintless dent removal of motorcycle tanks, car ding repair, doorstep dings, golf ball dents, shopping cart dents, hail damage repair, along with large dents and creases. Using auto body shops can become expensive as they may remove panels unnecessarily and have them repainted. This also takes much more time then PDR so you will be without your car for sometimes more than a week.

PCH Dent Repair specializes in paintless dent repair in San Diego and all surrounding areas. We will fix the issue at reasonable prices and in a prompt fashion. Our PDR experts know how a vehicle’s entire body is assembled. Consequently, we understand exactly where and how to repair the automobile dent. With appropriate tools, we use specialized techniques and precise pressure to restore your automobiles finish.

The alternative practice of dent repair starts with sanding the dented location, so the filler compound will adhere correctly. Then the compound has to be thoroughly laid in. After waiting around a good length of time so that it settles properly, the spot has to be primed, color-matched, and ultimately painted with an obvious coat that complements most of the automobile. Our paintless dent removal technique eliminates these actions, reducing the risk of color matching errors and also makes it a much more affordable dent repair solution.

Most repairs completed in under 1 hour!

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