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Does your bumper need a ding repair in San Diego?

Whatever they’re made of, bumpers nevertheless perform their primary function, which is protecting you and your automobile. The noticeable portion of the bumper on an automobile is made from molded, high impact plastic. This provides the bumper the capability to resist mild impact with no damage. Bumpers guard the body of your automobile that is generally produced from sheet metal. Hence bumpers can quickly dent and be expensive to repair.

Normally your bumper will be the first form of defense against small parking mishaps. The outside skin of your bumper is only the noticeable part of a shock-absorbing process that helps to protect you, your family, as well as your car in the midst of a crash. Behind the plastic exterior is a system of steel girders and shock taking in hydraulic cylinders.

Bumpers are among the very first things you see if you look at an automobile or truck. Sooner or later you might suffer from a small knock to the bumper of your automobile, and you may require dent bumper repair in San Diego.

Modern bumpers are produced using artificial material, which is generally dark then painted in the factory to complement the body color. Due to this, any damage stands out like a black spot on a flawless white sheet. Lots of industrial vehicles continue to work with metal bumpers, which are chrome plated. But this no longer used in Passenger Car Production. Environmental, weight reduction, as well as price issues, has ended the era of chrome-plated bumpers.

In the San Diego area, our technicians specialize in bumper repairs using PDR methods. If you are looking for a professional bumper repairer in San Diego, contact us today.

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Bumper Repair San Diego

We’ve got the tools to complete a bumper ding repair to any vehicle no matter the age, style, or manufacturer, including high-end imported models. PCH Dent Repair uses only quality tools which ensures every paintless bumper repair job is completed with the highest of standards. PCH offers the very best rates available for your bumper ding repair.

As long as the factory paint is undamaged, the plastic bumper dent repair specialists at PCH Dent Repair are able to recover the state and look of your bumper without needless repainting or filling. Contact us today to save time and money on your bumper repair.

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What Will A Bumper Repair Cost?

Wondering what’s the very best way to do away with that annoying dent in your bumper? Maybe you’re wondering about the bumper repair cost? Click on the chat icon below to text PCH Dent Repair a photo of the ding and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Prices start at $125. We have the pleasure of working on many prestige and classic automobiles where the client is thrilled they didn’t have to repaint their original classic paint. At such an affordable price and the minimal time your car is out of action, it’s no wonder why PDR is becoming so popular.

Most repairs completed in under 1 hour!

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